Wade United 

Open House Sales Force

The Bully and a Man Named Perserverance

The $1,000,000 Monthly Program

Mindset is the more important skillset.

Our minds awaken each day and the first voice we hear is  often our own, if only in our minds. And today’s success, accomplishing a worthy goal, an important task, will depend on which voice dominates the next hour, as it will often guide the next 8 working hours. The first hour is much like a Rudder on a boat, guiding the outcome of the day and days that follow. 

So yes, it matters much what we think about. Today’s thought is tomorrow’s path. 

Two Guests in our Minds – One is unwelcomed but remains

Bully wants to take you down. Bullies in general are small people. Bully has many friends willing to speak to your mind, Fear, Intimidation, Discouragement. They are all happy to sit with you as long as you engage them.

Without the proper daily preparation, Bully, in time wins. People give up. They live a life of existence, basic comforts being met. Bully wants you to compromise. You deserve it. Quit, you were never going to make it anyway, cut your losses. Do you hear that voice?

Perseverance says, you can. You are capable. You are loved. You are valuable. You have a purpose and so much potential. Perseverance says we want you around. That when times are tough, to keep moving forward. The past does not matter, today is a fresh day. Perseverance provides us with the reality of the situation, that Bully wants to take you down, and everything worthwhile that you want to achieve is uphill. And that if you accompany Perseverance, his friends call Determination, Solution, Opportunity, Encouragement and others will be with you. We can never take our eyes, our mind of of Perseverance. Do you hear that voice?

New Things

New things are painful. Doubts and the possibility of failure are often on a salesperson’s mind. How can you tell when Bully is winning? Just listen to your words, or the words of another salesperson.

Bully in our minds often succeeds in defeating us. Bully has one aim, silence Perseverance.
“Why bother? It won’t work.” 
“Why bother? They won’t say yes.”
“Why bother? They already have an LO.”
“I am just a LO and should stay doing what I am doing”

Bully says, “You have to have built-in excuses for why you are not successful.” Bully will equip your mind with much creativity. Salespeople will utter the words of defeat. All in the name of Blame. Bully has several friends, “Blame, Excuse, The Weather, The Product, The Training, No Time, Busyness, Not My Fault and 100 more Reasons for the way things are.”

The Wade United Promise

When you woke up this morning there were several Loan Officers thinking about expanding their business. In fact, they want relationships with your referral partners. They want the leads from the very agents you will see on Game Day, this Sunday. This is a game of “take away” let’s reinforce our commitment.

I will stay in this group until I achieve $1,000,000 in new sales per month for 4 consecutive months. For my name is Commitment.

I will only be positive and never will complaining nor excuse for my effort be spoken. Rain will not stop me or any foul weather. Fatigue or busyness will not be words I speak. For I know what I say and do is contagious to children, family, clients and co-workers. For in my life, I am known as an Encourager.

I will update my scorecard each day so that my strengths and weakness are revealed and I am transparent to the group. My greatest desire is to improve my trade as I become more valuable in the marketplace. My improvement will inspire others that need an example. Thus I will keep score.

I commit to being at the two weekly 15-minute practice sessions so that on Game Day I and others in this group are equipped. I realize that my presence and contribution on Practice Days will serve others. For I am Valuable. I can be counted on.

I commit to the group that I will do the timely follow up after every sales attempt. I expect no referrals from the agent sales force until I have invested time into this new found relationship, until I have equipped these agents, until I have earned the opportunity. Thus the others in this group will see the value of follow up as the necessary ingredient in the recipe of relationships.

I commit to each member of the group the 4 Sunday Game Days each month, I will be on the field at a minimum of 2 Sundays and see no less than 3 potential agents as each agent has the possibility of providing me $20,000 in referrals for each of the next 5 years. For I am the Pacesetter.

I am here for my goals and dreams as I desire more options in life, and I realize that my efforts or my excuses have a ripple effect on others. Thus I can be counted to persevere as I appreciate the struggles others may have. For my name is Perseverance.

I will see this through as I am a Pacesetter. I will be accountable. I will, I can. In my mind I see the agents being receptive to my visits on Game Day. They desire a sit-down with me on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be prepared for each Game Day encounter. These opportunities have $100,000 implications to me over the course of the agents career, not my competitor. I will do more than what is required as I realize my efforts, my results have lifetime ripple effects on others.

I will do my part.

SUNDAY: Game Day – Time to meet your new referral agents

Read “The Team’s Promise” before you walk in the first door exactly at 1:01pm. Your “Can Do Attitude” needs to be felt by this first agent.

Be relaxed and confident. You have rehearsed and earned this opportunity. Your log sheet has the instructions of what to do the moment you walk in the door.

Book at least one, ideally two, online meetings with agents for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to begin enhancing the relationship and building trust. We have your online presentation ready to go and the email to send to the agent after your first meeting with them at the open house.

Note: Do not go to open houses that are not on your list as other LO’s on the team may be visiting that agent.

Monday: Game Day back at home or office
Send the appropriate email based on the outcome (the Yes, the Maybe, or the Nice to meet you)
Update your Score Card for the Accountability Program.

Yes Email

Maybe Email

Nice To Meet You Email

Attachment for Emails

Read the Promise twice daily and you will stay the course – Your mindset is more important than skill set
1. Get your open house leads
2. Print 10 booklets from Dropbox to make sure you are adequately stocked
3. Print your agent log sheet
4. Practice your presentation 3 times so that you win on Game Day – never forget that this is a game of Take Away!

1. Practice your presentation 3 times – nobody knows if you did it or not – but it will show up in the results
2. Read the Promise twice daily and you will stay the course – Your mindset is more important than skill set