The Agent Sitdown

Building Relationships by Developing Agents

In most sales industries, it often takes 7 interactions in order to obtain a YES. As we all know, we have to weed through potential clients that are either, “no, maybe, I will think about it, get back to me” or things of that nature.

The reason many LOs do not get business from agents is “The LO pulls of the path of pursuit, and chases a different agent.” Unfortunatly, after only one interaction, the LO thinks, this is not working, she is not interested in me, I will pursue another agent.

Relationships are a process.

Not Creating Loyalty – Or Referrals

Because the creators of this program are Realtors, we understand what creates an interest for them. We have developed over 12 different types of interactive events that an LO can do to build those agent relationships. Keep in mind, if what you are presently doing, is just a service like paying for Zillow leads, or printing their brochures, but it is not interactive, you are probably not on the path to win their hearts.

Meaningful Interactions

Every time you conduct an “agent sit-down” or an interaction you are building on a new relationship, or enhancing an existing one. There is a phrase, “Ingore your agents, they will go away.” Agents need an “at-a-boy” (or at-a-girl) every so often. That is what we designed for your Wednesday. Agents need advanced training in key areas such as building inspections, or price reductions. That is what we designed for your workshops. Agents need to do far better at holding open houses. That is what we designed for your Friday. Listing agents are often wondering, “is the LO not going to make loan commitment date?” That is why we put together a program for you on Thursday – to have a meaningful exchange with listing agents that produces a “sit-down” for you.

Formats for Sitdowns

It is often a challenge to get you and the agent to have time to drive to Starbucks, get a quiet table, have a meeting, and then drive back to the office. While face to face is ideal, we have created a powerful ONLINE presentation. Hang on, none of it is about you! It is 100% designed to find out the challenges the agents are facing. The questions based presentation is about discovery of what agents need from the Mega Producer, the Mid-Level and the Moderate producer.

And here is the key. Then you invite them to the next step. A workshop that is online or possibly in person. We have these dynamic workshops ready for you. We have the email invitation for you to send the agents.

Whether it be a face to face, or a workshop conference call, or an office workshop, or an online presentation, or cold call survey you do of agents, or interacting with listing agents to get sit-downs, or popping by on Sunday open houses (or Tuesday) – we have your whole system in place.

“Whatever you do. Be brave, today!” – Bryan Kelsey