As children, we hoped parents, teachers, coaches, would appreciate who were are. That they would acknowledge our accomplishments, and encourage us after we messed up, or were defeated. Positive reinforcement, encouragement, love. Those are the components of life every child needs.

Then they grow up to be sales people. Do you know what your favorite agents still want? Helping, encouraging, providing “at a boys” are part of existing and new relationships. Are you just looking for loans, or a you actually interested in building relationships?

Playing Defense

This morning your competitor, hopes you ignore your current agent relationships. For if you ignore those agents, they will drift away. MuCH like a divorce oR a break-up. Someone felt un-appreciated, un-loved, un-wanted. Agents will leave LOs when they feel someone else is offering more insight, more strategy or in some cases, more money.

Today, Accolades Wednesday, reach out to your favorite referral agents with an “at a boy” or a congratulations. Just pour into them. You will actually be rewarded in their response. Their thank you. Their appreciation for being noticed. Acknowledgement of their accomplishment.

Don’t ask for anything. Not a sit-down. Not for a loan. Let today just appreciate what they have done.

Playing Offense

This morning, your competitor slept in. They are not fortifying their agent relationships. Little do they know, their agents are “seeing other LOs on the side.” Little do they know, you have a better plan. That you actually have a plan!

GAME PLAN – set aside 30 minutes to appreciate another human being – lets call them Realtor

Comment on Facebook to something they posted – a new listing – a price reduction – a new sale – a vacation.

Friend them on Linkedin.

Email a note about something you saw on Facebook or other source.

Send a handwritten note.

Think outside the box – how can you make a difference in their life today.


Perhaps you are not used to doing this. Perhaps you are not comfortable sending notes of congratulations. These are the building blocks of a relationship. There are no shortcuts.

The #1 response I hear from LOs is, “I am good at the first sit down with the agent, I don’t understand why the agent does not start sending business.” That reminds me of a movie I once saw when the husband said to his wife, “What do you mean I don’t tell you I love you, I did on our wedding day.”

You have something to offer and others want to hear it. If you have kids, they want to hear a sincere, authentic appreciation of who they are, what they have done. Spouses too. Oh, yes, and even agents!

Be the one that fills that role, even if it is just on Accolade Wednesday!