Coaching for HomeZoop

WHO MAKES A GOOD Executive Coach?

Even if you have never been in a sales position, nor in real estate, if you are brought in as a COACH, you will have the skill set in life to

  • Keep others on track
  • Help others stay focused
  • Ask superb life questions
  • Challenge others

We will equip you with the system. It is a very question-based interaction during each coaching session. Your approximate 30-minute video conference you have (most likely the same time once per week) will address our clients needs, challenges, stumbling blocks.

It is extremely enjoyable helping people overcome fears, develop skills and live an abundant life.


Keep in mind you can do this position full-time if you desire, or part-time. Compensation for a coach is $50.00 per session. Each session is approximately 30-minutes, one time per week.

If you coach 4 clients in one day, you have invested approximately 2 hours and earned $200.00. If you do this Mon-Fri you would earn $1000 that week and or be on pace for approximately $50,000 for the year. We hope this is attractive for you as a part-time position.

While 8 clients in one day is possible, we do not recommend surpassing that number in your portfolio. Income is approximately $100,000.

How much is a typical coaching program?

There are several levels of coaching. One on one coaching at $985 per month. We have other program you can earn from, but the main program is at $985. About 20% of the $985 is going to the person doing the coaching.


How do I become a coach?

We have a 2-step interview process. We conduct these via video conference as candidates may be located anywhere in the country.

Some people have natural life skills when it comes to asking questions. And more importantly, “in how the question should be asked.”

Click here ….if you would like to gather more information and our leadership team will schedule a conference.