CYCLE 2 – The first phases of the listing
Showings – What to expect
Feedback – How to interpret buyer and agent comments
Early Inspections – How to make a property more marketable
We need the current indentures / your survey / the contact at the HOA / disclosures / pool septic well sprinkler / lead based paint / other / seller disclosure / airport / flood plain / other /
Do I need to leave the utilities on until closing day
My pipes won’t freeze!
Do I need to disclose that my basement leaked 12 years ago and..?
CYCLE 3 – Seller experiences during the listing
Why won’t the buyer make an offer
The agent left the lights on
Somebody used the bathroom
The buyer was only in the house for 5 minutes
I don’t think we should change the price
Why is my property not getting showings
CYCLE 4 – What happens during contract negotiations
An offer is in or coming in, should we still allow showings?
Is the first offer always the best offer?
I don’t want to pay for a Home Protection Plan
No I don’t want to pay for the buyers closings costs
I want to sell the house as-is
Do I get to keep the earnest deposit?
What does it mean to have a house sale contingency?
What is a kickout clause?
The pre approval from the buyer’s lender says the buyer cannot afford my house
Why is the earnest money so low?
They want me to leave my couch and tv / ect ?
Why is the deadline to respond or accept the offer so short?
Do I have to fix anything they ask for on the inspection?
Does the seller disclosure mean the buyer cannot ask for repairs I disclosed?
Their first offer is insullting – I want to reject it!
What happens if there are multiple offers?
Can the buyer back out?
What if the other agent is a newbie or fire-starter
Doesn’t the title company do everything?
CYCLE 5 – Whtat to expect now that the property is under contract
Seller city / county / pool / septic / well / or other inspection
Who will be at the inspection
How long is the inspection
How often is the buyer allowed access during the inspection period
When does the buyer time of inspections over with
Can the buyer ask for more inspections or repairs after their deadline
Once the seller has the buyer’s request to be repaired how long does the seller have to decide
What should the seller expect the buyer to ask for and what is the possible cost
They have been at the house for 4 hours!
Can we keep the house for sale while we are under contract
CYCLE 6 – Negotiating the inspections – this is the hurricane in many deals
Can the buyer really ask for that?? That’s not fair!
Can the seller just give the buyer a credit at the closing off the sale price or in closing costs?
Why won’t the lender let the buyer and seller agree to these terms
It was that way when I bought the property!
I took out a permit but now they are sayng it is not right?!
There is no way my roof is shot!
My roof is newer – it cannot be defective
I am not replacing the furnace and air conditioner!
The buyer is after a money-grab!
The other agent is sometimes – a bit of a challenge
Yes – the loan commitment will be delayed and possibly the closing
Do I have to have everything repaired in 10 days?
Can I fix the stuff myself?
I don’t want to take out a permit!
There is no way I have termites – I have a policy in place
The radon detector was wrong – I don’t have radon
What do you mean I have street creep
That stain has always been there on the ceiling
That’s not mold!!!!
The inspector had no idea what he was talking about
I don’t have a structural problem
Can I just put the property back on the market and not deal with this buyer
Do I have to disclose this stuff if the deal dies
I am not replacig the driveway
I came down to the buyer’s price – I won’t do anything else for them
The next inspector will most likely find more things
Every deal has a fire-starter!
I use my fireplace, how can it need that much work?
I bought the house with the outlets that way
What do they mean they want to new electrical box
The plumbing stack is fine! I won’t replace it.
The windows are dirty – those are not broken seals
The rotted wood is just maintenance
They want a whole new deck?!
I am not installing a sump pump!
My pool is in working order.
Do I need to turn on the lawn sprinkler?
That crack in the basement never leaks unless it is heavy rain
I am not replacing the septic field.
CYCLE 8 – Things that are surprises late in the game
I don’t want to extend the close date!
I want their earnest deposit
I don’t want to extend the loan contingency date
I have to move the fence?
That shed has always been there!
I needed a marital waiver?
I don’t want to give the title company my trust documents
It didn’t appraise – I am not coming down in my price!
I am not in a flood plain! Am I?
CYCLE 9 – Wrapping up the transaction
I am not ready for the buyers to do their final walk through
We didn’t get all the repairs done
We did repairs by ourself
We cannot get out on time for closing
Can we stay a day or two longer
The buyer is not happy after the walk through
The buyer is not happy after the walk through closing at the end of the day / problem
The buyer moved in but the deal did not fund
The closing figures are wrong – they calcuated my mortgage payouff wrong
I cannot get to closing – can they come to me?
Should I leave the keys and garage door openers at the property
Can I leave paint and furniture
Do I have to clean the property
Can I leave my car or a pod on the driveway for a few days
I didn’t do the city inspection
Do I walk out of the closing with a check
What if this is a divorce, how is the money handled
I owe more than the sale price – do I bring a cashiers check
If I have last minute questions before closing – who do I call
Does the buyer close at the same location
Why is there a last minute fire-drill
The lender cannot close on time?
There are 4 other deals tied to this closing?
What is the ideal time of day to close?
Bad attitudes in the last 3 days.
Patience vs terms of the contract