SCHNEIDER Realty Strategic Initiative

Specializing in Equipping Independent Brokers

What We Can Help You With




Team Building

Live Workshops & Conference Calls

Our Approach to coaching with Homezoop

It has always been strategic. While accountability is a part of the program, execution of the right activities is at the core of our time spent together. 

Expand Your Sales With Team Building & Recruitment

Most agents focus on increasing personal production. Leaders focus on leveraging their ability to lead others. It is far easier to double or triple one’s income if we lead a team vs managing. The leader is far more skilled at executing “crucial conversations” involved in the transaction than the typical agent. The key is leveraging “the team member relationship” for rapid growth. 

I help people build teams, not offices. 

Recruit Agents currently with Keller Williams, Berkshire, and other firms.

Build teams around the current salesforce. Realign low or non-producers.

Have a Vision & Roadmap to Get Your Training Online

Clearly there are two types of agents. Besides the Hunter and Farmer, there are leaders and followers. For those agents that have remained independent and not on a team, it is important to equip them with accessible technology vs a manager on duty waiting to “fire fight.” 

SCHNEIDER University can deliver these key sessions that equip and educate your sales force. 

In this program we will build your online education platform using Concept Board and URL’s attached to SCHNEIDER Realty website. Up to 25 concepts, from “onboarding with SCHNEIDER to how to process your transaction paperwork.” Never again repeat yourself! Make it easy. Do it once. 

Presentation is Key to Success

For team building we will equip you with the presentation pieces and online URL’s off of your firm’s website. In other words, we will help you cast the vision to build Cort’s team and Terri’s team. 


Concept Board Training

What Is the Cost?

This investment will do for you as it has for others, and that that is quite possibly double or triple your income. The fee for this 3 month program is $1,495 per month or a one time fee of $3,950. The program also contains two weekly conference calls of 30 minutes each.