Open House Sales Force

The Bully and a Man Named Perserverance

Mindset is the more important skillset.

Our minds awaken each day and the first voice we hear is  often our own, if only in our minds. And today’s success, accomplishing a worthy goal, an important task, will depend on which voice dominates the next hour, as it will often guide the next 8 working hours. The first hour is much like a Rudder on a boat, guiding the outcome of the day and days that follow. 

So yes, it matters much what we think about. Today’s thought is tomorrow’s path. 

Two Guests in our Minds – One is unwelcomed but remains

Bully wants to take you down. Bullies in general are small people. Bully has many friends willing to speak to your mind, Fear, Intimidation, Discouragement. They are all happy to sit with you as long as you engage them.

Without the proper daily preparation, Bully, in time wins. People give up. They live a life of existence, basic comforts being met. Bully wants you to compromise. You deserve it. Quit, you were never going to make it anyway, cut your losses. Do you hear that voice?

Perseverance says, you can. You are capable. You are loved. You are valuable. You have a purpose and so much potential. Perseverance says we want you around. That when times are tough, to keep moving forward. The past does not matter, today is a fresh day. Perseverance provides us with the reality of the situation, that Bully wants to take you down, and everything worthwhile that you want to achieve is uphill. And that if you accompany Perseverance, his friends call Determination, Solution, Opportunity, Encouragement and others will be with you. We can never take our eyes, our mind of of Perseverance. Do you hear that voice?

New Things

New things are painful. Doubts and the possibility of failure are often on a salesperson’s mind. How can you tell when Bully is winning? Just listen to your words, or the words of another salesperson.

Bully in our minds often succeeds in defeating us. Bully has one aim, silence Perseverance.
“Why bother? It won’t work.”
“Why bother? They won’t say yes.”

Bully says, “You have to have built-in excuses for why you are not successful.” Bully will equip your mind with much creativity. Salespeople will utter the words of defeat. All in the name of Blame. Bully has several friends, “Blame, Excuse, The Weather, The Product, The Training, No Time, Busyness, Not My Fault and 100 more Reasons for the way things are.”

Prepare for Game Day

MONDAY : Practice Day / Recap of team’s weekend

712-770-4598 pass code is 212495

Call the Team Open House Strategy Line to share your outcome and discuss how we can help shorten the chase cycle. Call begins at 10 am.

Book an appointment. Have an appointment.

Read the Promise twice daily and you will stay the course – Your mindset is more important than skill set

– Print your lead log sheets
– Practice your presentation 3 times so that you win on Game Day 

SUNDAY: Game Day – Time to meet your new referral clients!

Your “Can Do Attitude” needs to be felt by this first buyer.
Be relaxed and confident. You have rehearsed and earned this opportunity. Your log sheet has the instructions of what to do the moment they walk in the door.

Book at least one, ideally two, appointments to either show property, or get a “walk through” of their current property. Have your calendar ready for meetings for Mon Tues or Wed. The one goal in this cycle is to begin enhancing the relationship and building trust. Don’t ask for the job. Just the opportunity to build a relationship.

The team will be looking forward to hearing about your results on the Monday training call.

SUNDAY: Game Day – back at home or office
Send the appropriate email based on the outcome. Or design your own.

Follow-up Email – Off Market Properties

Follow-up Email – Off Market Properties + Home Viewing