Initial call to seller.
The key data to pull before the call.
The follow up email.

There is only one opportunity for a first impression. You have done your lead generation; it is now time to do your “lead conversion.” Agents often want a “winning listing interview.” Keeping in mind, this is a relationship we are building, trust to do the job better than anyone else. From the first call, the first email, to the asking for the job, must be a cohesive set of conversations.  Here is some of what we cover in your first of four, 30-minute coaching sessions.

The initial call with the prospective client

  • There are strategic questions for you to ask that will set the stage for the actual listing interview.
  • Specific data / information to have on hand when having this first call.

Items to Discovers on the Initial Call

The objective of this first phone call is not to book an appointment, but rather find out

  • What the seller’s timeframe is for coming on the market – are they thinking a few days or a few months” It will make quite a bit of difference what you say at your interview.
  • It is essential to get the seller to volunteer what price they are thinking about listing the property for. Keep in mind, most people will say they have no idea, however, once you tell the seller what you are thinking of the property value, the seller will tell you if they disagree. Meaning, they had a price in mind. Every seller has a price in mind, your job, so you can present the data accordingly is to get the seller to volunteer their price opinion.
  • You will want to be listening to hear if they are interviewing other agents.
  • Make sure you obtain their email address. It is very important that you email the seller the recap of the items discussed on the call. Often times there is more than one homeowner, and they may have wanted their favorite agent to come over, not you. Your custom email we have created for you will address that issue.

At no time will you ask these as direct questions. The goal is to ask a set of questions that reveal the truth. Are they interviewing others? What price are they thinking?

    Key Questions for the Initial Call

    As you are in your first call, it will be important that you ask these questions.
    1. Based on your plans, do you have an ideal move date? This question reveals if they have a sense of urgency. If they are in no hurry, they are more likely to overprice the house. Plus they may share that they have already purchased another home and need to sell soon. Keep in mind you did not ask if they bought another home, but your question revealed it.

    2. May I ask, have you done any recent improvements, or over the last year or two? The seller will tell you the answer, and you will ask in a follow up, “May I ask, if you were to stay in the home for perhaps another year or two, would you say there are any issues that would need updating?” This question reveals what the seller feels they may have to do to get the house ready. Once again revealing how long before the house comes on the market.

    3. Often home owners will get junk mail from agents regarding recent sales, or see something online, do you have perhaps a guestimate as to the approximate price you would ask? Many sellers will say, “I really have no idea.” They may not have a specific number, but they know a range. Every seller. Every seller knows a range. In order to conduct your interview, “your pricing therapy session” you have to know what price they are thinking.

    4. A great follow up question to #3 is, “ I am not sure if you have seen the Zillow Zestimate on the house, as of today, and it fluctuates, it says your value is $xxx, xxx. The buying public sees that and often thinks it is right, do you feel it was a ….little high……..or bit low????

    5. May I have your email address? I would like to send you a recap of what we covered on this call, and what we will cover on our appointment. Wining the listing is a process. The data for the first call. The first call. The first email. A cohesive message. This will equip you to be persuasive. It will help you eliminate your competition.

    I have coached many agents and owned real estate companies. Been a manager for a large franchise. In every case, when an agent came to me for strategic advise when preparing to go on a listing interview, I would ask for the answer to the questions above. If, they agent did not get the answers, we came to an agreement that the agent has to call the seller, and ask these questions. YOU cannot perform “pricing sales therapy” unless the seller shares their price opinion.

      The first email to the client or text as a follow up

      • As service providers to home sellers, it is important to demonstrate that you are excellent at follow up. Plus, if there is more than one seller involved, this will give them insight to your conversation and professionalism.
      • We provide you these very effective custom messages with your contact information and an AUDIO from you that helps cast the vision about the principle of accurately pricing property
      • We craft your email, your custom URL, and give you a sample 30-60 second audio to record and be loaded tot the URL.


      Hi [Seller],


      This is a confirmation for our appointment on [Friday at 8 am, October 14th]. This email will recap the topic of the issues we will cover during our meeting.