I have been reviewing the rates for both the MO. and the IL. publications.  

I had a follow up question for you, Tom Omnus is on my staff, but also will be a partner in the HomeZoop software program as we expand across the USA. He had mentioned that Nick at one point said there may be a “price break” on advertising because of the data / numbers we share for the magazine. If that timeframe has elapsed for the price break, then no problem. Either way, we are hoping for a long-term relationship with your firm.


HOMEZOOP – both markets – full page

We would like a full page ad for both markets for HomeZoop which is our software program as well as our coaching program for agents. Check it out at by clicking on the agent button. Key in your home address. Very cool report. (for your MLS user name, just key in bkelse)

THE LO GENIUS – both markets – 1/2 page is our loan officer coaching program. LO’s are no doubt from MARS, and agents from VENUS. 


We will create our ads each month. Ideally we would like to secure the most effective locations. I am open to your suggestions. I probably need to have one more conference call with you and Yuriy to confirm the page locations. 

At this point, I would do the 24 month contract. In part, I may not be the only owner of my company in a year or so, I have been asked not to sign long term contracts, although I see your business model fitting perfectly in with my goals for years to come. (Side note: we have been speaking with investors to help fund expansion.)


I want to double check. With this program we would be able to have a monthly article on topics that equip, entertain, are informative to the readers. Can you send me the 12 or so topics you had in mind? I would be thrilled to assist in any way I can. I also understand these are objective articles about topics, not me. That is my style and that is what I teach LOs and agents. “Don’t make it about you.” 


Yes! I would truly love the opportunity to do monthly events in Illinois and the Missouri side of the river. My goal would be to bring fresh ideas, and memorable events that motivate and equip the attendees. And if you are really up for it, I would enjoy doing other workshops more often.

And yes regarding the 300 person event. I would like to do that as well as help write QUESTIONS for the moderator of your four panelists.

YOUR ADVERTISERS – How to build your Dream Team of Agent Referral Partners

Dianne – we can brainstorm on how to coach your ad partners on 

* The benefits of consistent advertising in your publication

* How URLS in their ads can drive agents to specific messages (not generic sites) (far more effective and interactive) 

* How to network with a purpose 

* Emails after events that get the vendor “pinged back” by the agent

Your Thoughts?

We would love to hear back from you as soon as possible on these topics. E-mail me