Pulling Home Data


Weather Report Steps
1a. Create a folder and name it the C3 – Property’s Address ///// Example: C3 – 1401 Weatherby Dr
2a. Go to Marismatrix
2b. Hover over “My Matrix” then click “Saved Searches”
2c. Click “Weather Report”
2d. Click “Results”
2e. Click “Criteria”
3a. Open up Create DNA Report
3b. At the bottom of Create DNA Report click tab “Multiple Addresses”
3c. Click “Click Here To Run a DNA / Hits Report for a Specific Listing”
3d. Then choose Property from list, then click “OK” —— (This will run the Servicing PDFs for you)
4a. Open up folder Servicing PDFs
4b. Copy the Property’s Servicing PDF and paste it into you C3 – Property’s Address folder
5a Paste property’s Full Address or MLS# into search bar to the left of the words “My Location”
6a. Open the Property’s Servicing PDF
6b. Scroll down the last page of the DNA Report and find List Price Range
from the two numbers you see for example if you were to see: $209,000 to $330,000
6d. You would place”209-330” into the “Price” box at the top right of the screen
7a. Click “Enter” or “Results”
7b. Click “All”
7c. Under the word “Criteria” hover over the words “Single Line”
7d. Click “my:Weather Report”
7e. Click “All”
7f. Click “Print” then “Print to PDF”
8a. Click “Download” then save as a “PDF” into your C3 – Property’s Address folder
9a. Back to the previous Maris page that you have open click “Agent Condensed with Pics”
9b. Click “Print to PDF”
9c. Click “Download” then save as a “PDF” into your C3 – Property’s Address folder
10a. Open —– https://conceptboard.com/
10b. Login
10c. Click “Boards”
10d. Click “Templates”
10e. Click the small cog “Cycle 1-10//Address (Master) Template”
10f. Click “Duplicate”
10g. Rename it as “Cycle 1-10// Property’s Address” for example, Cycle 1-10//123 Main St.
Select “Duplicate” and makes sure Not Part of Project is selected
10h. Inside this new Concept board, Scroll down to the whiteboard labeled Cycle 3, then upload docs from your C3 – Property’s Address
10i. Place the DNA Report under Market Place Momentum
10j. Place the Weekly – Buyer Views under Property Hits
10k. Place the Weather Report under the Summary (Weather Report)
10l. Place the Comps from your Weather Report under correct areas under Properties of interest since you’ve been on the market with our firm
Homes with Status – Active will go under New Listing
Homes with Status – Pending, Contingent WK, Contingent NK will go under Under Contract
Homes with Status – Sold will go under Sold
Homes with Status – Withdrawn, Cancelled and Expired will go under Failed
Mark it as been completed in Flight Panel Sheet on tab “Cycle 2 3 4” tab in column Q for this property
Email Concept board link to PM so they can the create video
Hits Report Steps
Feedback Summaries (from Showing Times)
If this is first time running c3 for this property insert all information generated below under appropriate headings at top of Cycle 3 board.
Any c3 done after the first one will be posted in the purple box located in the lower right part of Cycle 3 board under appropriate heading.