David, Welcome to Homezoop

Sellers set the price. Buyers determine value.
HomeZoop extracts the trends.


My friend Chad Wilson has reviewed our Homezoop CMA program and like many agents that I have BETA tested it with, found many aspects of the program “Amazing!” in the words of the agents. He recommended that I send you our product. 

Our main hope is to serve MARIS with an easy-to-use yet powerful insightful CMA product. Or if it is not a fit for MARIS, to find a national brokerage in St. Louis that would want it exclusively. My first hope would be MARIS. 

The second market we have begun is Punta Gorda, Florida. We have the data feed but are modifying the program to work with features such as “canals, raised bridges, docks, etc.” 


There are two objectives we have with this product.

  1. Can we produce a CMA report that actually selects the potentially best comps for the agent to use for their seller or buyer?
  2. Can we have that report create a summary score of that specific area in order to provide insight into shifting marketing conditions?

The answer is yes to both questions.

We believe this will add value to the REALTOR brand as it answers the question the consumers ask, “How is my area doing and why is it performing like that?”


I am the majority shareholder and have 3 other partners. We have an amazing programming team that can alter the reports to match up with the goals of MARIS if need be.

At the moment, it does a lot, but it does not provide the user a recommended property price. We have that algorithm, however, after a few conversations with Paul Prince years ago, we thought we would offer that as an upgrade to agents, depending on your thoughts. I initially spoke with Tim Dain prior to the Covid outbreak in hopes to present the program about a year or so ago. And he recently had some good insight as I shared our Florida expansion program.