Introducing PingMate

Get Pinged Back

PingMate is the highest rate of return of all online marketing systems. And the lowest cost. Often for just a dollar or two per year, you can stay in touch with your leads, and your Sphere of Influence.

PingMate Is Built To Get Replies

The key to PingMate is the content of the material the party is receiving. Why is it so interesting and effective? It is “about them.” Each contact receives relevant information, pertinent to their lives.

What is the reply rate?

Historically, we have experienced an 8-11% open rate. This is 243% higher than what is typical. Keep in mind, about 7-9% of people in most databases are moving in the next 12 months. Follow up is one of the most time-consuming and neglected tasks by salespeople. Why is this the case? More often than not, the salesperson does not know what to say. All that has been eliminated.

What if the part wants more data?

We would recommend you run a free HomeZoop report for their current property or one they expressed interest in. The Velocity Report will show them key indicators that provide real-time, easy to understand trends that could affect their value and timing to buy or sell.

How often is the PingMate Sent?

We send the messages out twice a month. You don’t have to do anything, we will take care of the content, and the delivery!

Can I add names each week?

Yes. And you can inform of us of the clients new address so you can continue to help them monitor their investment.

Can I remove names?

Only if you wash Tom’s car. 😉

What does it cost?

Generally it costs about $1.57 per year for a lead to receive two strategic monthly emails.

How do I get started?

– Tell us how many names you have
– What email address do you want your client responses to come to (your personal or business email address)
– Your list should include (First name, last name, email address, property address) (You can provide up to 2 emails per property address)
– Additional information that is optional (What is their approximate value?)
– Upload your list of names to the PingMate cloud. All files need to be Excel.

When does my message start going out?

Generally, you first message is received by your target market within 3 business days. Then they will receive your messages about every 15 days.

What do I do when they ping me back?

List their home! Help them find a new home! Ideally you will respond within minutes but not more than one day.

Is this program just for my Sphere of Influence or can I also do this for my geographic farm and internet leads?

We have a custom geographic farm program that will help you dominate the sales in that market. And yes we have specific targeted messages for the internet lead to quickly build that relationship as you become the sole provider of relevant market data.