Pete Hays

As part of my personal development program, I have entered a Certification Program that equips Realtors.


Lead Generation

Specifically programs that are low-cost yet highly effective lead systems and effective / intriguing social media campaigns that create responses and opportunities. 


Lead Conversion

After lead gen has created the opportunity, the goal is “lead conversion.” In this program, I am learning strategies to help Realtors “Win listing interviews at the proper price”, “Convert buyers in a competitive environment” and other moments when a decision is being made.

Thank you for investing these 20 minutes as we discuss just one of these key elements. After we have completed our call, I will have a recap of “how you benefit and use this system” available to you.


Step 1

Before you enter the presentation please dial into the conference call line.

(605) 313-5111

Use the code: 148848

Step 2

STOP!!!  Please review special instructions/images below before entering via the click here.


FIRST…Enter presentation by clicking on the blue “Guest Access” box on the right.

SECONDLY…Type in your name and click the checkbox (don’t worry, it is referencing the data we will be a review about the property NOT your personal information).

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