HomeZoop™ Certification Program

Don’t Ask Questions that

Do Not Reveal the Truth!

1. Are you working with an agent?

2. How long have you been looking for a home?

3. Have you been pre-approved?

4. Can I interview with you to sell your current home?

Psychologist Based Training Has
Reframed Those Questions

1. May I ask, have you been driving around on your own – or with a particular agent?
(Buyer often says – “no no..we don’t have an agent)

2. I often meet people that have just entered the market – may I ask – have you been looking 2-4 weeks or more like 1-2 years?
(Buyers will often laugh – and their answer will reveal their motivation or reason to move)

3. Nowadays buyers can get approved by a lender online – can I ask you met with a mortgage company just yet?
(Their answer reveals how far they are along in the process and they may reveal if an “their agent” gave them a lender.)

4. I appreciate you coming to the open house today, is your home under contract at this point?
(They may say, “We don’t have to sell or we are renting or we are really not serious)

Interactive Presentations for Open Houses

HomeZoop Buyer Activity Report – This report views 80 St. Louis zip codes to determine the market with the most amount of buyers this week. As an agent, would you say buyers / and maybe sellers would find this interesting regarding their zip code?

Off-Market Properties – Buyers are at the open house for one reason – to find inventory. Provide them with this list and you may secure them as a buyer, and a new listing too! Would you think some buyers would want to know about these properties?

Great 15 Minute Training Session
(Wednesdays at 9 30 am)

In 15 minutes, Mega Agents will equip those on the webinar on topics such as:

  • Winning every listing interview,
  • Getting price reductions for reluctant sellers, and
  • Strategies on contract negotiations when your client has lost objectivity.

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