How Showings Work

How Showings Work

First we at SCHNEIDER Real Estate sincerely thank you for choosing us to accomplish your goal. We will know if just 1-3 days how buyers will respond to your property. 

SHOWINGS – Leaving the property

Ideally, the homeowner is not present during any showing. If it cannot be avoided, no problem. Often the foul weather, or based on other limitations, an owner is not able to leave. Our goal is to generate showings from “motivated buyers” needing to buy now. We are working in your interest to accomplish this goal. Please do all you can to keep every appointment.schedule the time. The agent most likely has your property on a list with a few others and if you desire to change the time, we could be removed from the list.

SHOWINGS – Times of day

It has been our experience that buyers view properties after 9 30 am and into the early evening. Of course, one can expect more evening showings during the spring and summertime when the sun sets later in the day.

You will see that showings may occur any day of the week. So please do you best to be “show ready” each day. Even if there has not been a showing for a few days, please keep the property ready at all times.

However, if for some reason you had to leave the property not in perfect condition, please allow the showing. We are working hard to create these showings and do appreciate if you can allow every showing to occur.

SHOWINGS – Two buyers during the same time-slot

On occasion there will be more than one showing request during the same time frame. This is a good thing! It often creates a greater sense of urgency for the potential buyers.

SHOWINGS – They are running late – they didn’t show up – wide time span

We are often asked, “Why is the showing between 1 and 3 pm, can’t they narrow it down, I want to go back into my home?” Many showings will have at least a 1 hour time span. From 11 to 12.

However, an agent will often have 5-7 showings for their buyer. The buyer pulls up to the house and says, “Nope…not for me” and they don’t enter the home. The next home, the buyer spends 90 minutes. As you can see, it is always quite a challenge to keep a buyer on a tight schedule. In fact, we hope the buyer of your property stays for that 1-2 hours! 

SHOWINGS – Do’s and Don’ts for home owners

  1. Do keep an extra key for yourself for the front storm door. Agents will often lock that door and the owner cannot get in their own home.
  2. Do keep an extra key from the garage to the house. Again, agents will proactively lock that door and owners that come home with groceries are not able to access the property.
  3. Do let me know if you have an alarm. Set a special alarm code that is different than your own. Be prepared! I am not sure why, but it is highly likely an agent will not work the alarm fast enough. Notify the alarm company that your property is on the market.
  4. Do leave the property ready for show! Beds made, kitchen clean. Front storm door not locked if you did not give us that key. 
  5. Do make sure the lawn is cut and looking great. Even if your property is vacant.
  6. Do leave for every showing if you can. 
  7. Please don’t cancel any showing (unless emergency) nor reschedule the time. The agent most likely has your property on a list with a few others and if you desire to change the time, we could be removed from the list. 

Showing Summary
Keeping in mind that there are a few thousand real estate agents. Some agents have different skillsets and levels of professionalism. Please listen to this last audio.