Melissa Lintner
Gershman Mortgage


1267 Imperial Main St, Imperial, MO 63052
636-541-2293 (cell) 314-824-1256 (office)
NMLS #1333040

In every real estate transaction, there are
“Fire Preventers” and “Fire Starters.”

Essentially,  something challenging will occur that causes buyers, sellers, and agents much strife.


My goal is to be the “Fire Preventer.” I anticipate problems and remove them. I am prepared for every conversation I have with you the buyer, the appraiser and the underwriter. I will get it done, on time. My system for gathering key loan documents is pain free, quick and easy.


* Reliable loan pre-approval for your contract negotiations

* Closing cost breakdown also useful in contract negotiations

* Quick, easy, thorough first contacts to gather key loan documentation

* Truly the best rates – we are extremely competitive to serve you!

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