Introducing the HomeZoop Report


Do you want to build a dream team of agents? First you have to “Lock-in your agents!”

What is the ONE thing you want in a relationship with a Realtor? Exclusivity! So, what does that look like to have exclusivity and is that something you desire? This is your opportunity to “Lock-in your agent!” Locking them in means you will be in front of the agents client at every presentation!

The #1 thing every agent needs, at every company, at every production level is “intriguing strategic reports from the MLS.”

When you “Lock-in your agent”, the agent will be using the MLS HomeZoop Pricing Report to list homes and evaluate markets for their buyers. If you choose to sponsor, or Lock-in your agent, your contact information will be on every page of the report. You will be front and center during critical presentations. 


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HomeZoop – The Basic Program

Advertise to any available agent in your market for $20/month. You may cancel at anytime. There are no contracts. In the rare occasion the agent chooses a different loan officer after the $20 monthly was paid, there is no refund, and this would automatically cancel your monthly payment for banner ad for that agent. 

HomeZoop – Your 5 Key Agents – Build Your Dream Team of Agents with the personally branded Audio site
When you choose 5 agents, you also receive a web page similar to this link

HomeZoop – For the LO looking for significant increase in production – Build Your Dream Team of 10 Agents
When you choose 10 agents, you recieve the personally branded audio site, you will also receive 2 additional agents at no extra cost! Plus there is a weekly webinar to equip you in how to effectively build your Dream Team of agents.
Now is the time to block the other loan officers that want to take your favorite agents. Lock-in your agents now! We will equip you to enhance your value and relationships.


Bryan Kelsey