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Heather Lamont

Think of me, not as a lender, but rather a problem solver. I am certified as an instructor.

In which of the following areas would you experience growth that would increase your income and build balance in your life?

If you are a buyer, I welcome the opportunity to address your financial needs. A mortgage is a rate, but much more than that. The time that goes into the application, the potential follow-up questions, are an investment of your valuable time. I am usually equipped to offer the best rate, however in a competitive service market, I am confident that my service and communication cannot be beat. Above all else it is my goal to ease your mind on the mortgage side as your agent assists you through the many challenging cycles of the real estate transaction.

Transaction Managment

Having improved workflow in the 10 Cycles of the Real Estate Transaction

For the listing transaction, there are 10 Cycles involved. From the listing interview, to the process of getting the property live, to seller servicing, to contract negotiations, to the pending paperwork, to the inspection cycle, to the repair cycle, to the surprise issues such as appraisal and survey issues, to the wrap up of closing docs and walk through of the property and lastly, the sign retrieval / change in the database / deposit of the check. Our program has prepared me to facilitate improvements in each of these 10 areas.

Building Inspections

Streamlining the process to solve issues faster with less drama

Known as the cycle “deals go to die.” This workshop prepares agents to proactively prevent problems and address the surprises that are inevitable. 

Seller Servicing

Obtaining price reductions sooner and shortening days on the market

Sellers have personalities and self-imposed expectations placed on Realtors. My training for this cycle of the transaction will help agents obtain price reductions and set the stage for contract negotiations. 

Winning Listings – Improving your winning percentage when competing for listings 

Have you ever competed for a listing – thought you were the favored choice – yet you discovered the painful truth that the seller selected a different agent? Let’s prevent that from happening through this workshop.

Team Building – Do you have a desire to build a team so that you are not dependent on personal production 

The highest income earning agents lead a team. Is that for you? If yes, our workshop will provide the building blocks to begin or add to a team. 

These are some of the courses / workshops I am able to facilitate. Is there ONE THING, such that, if you mastered or improved upon that you would have an increase in production, less stress, and double your income?


I often schedule Wednesday Workshops with 5 or so agents on the conference call. In our 30-minute session, I facilitate the event with key questions that become viable ideas that you can implement.

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For more licensing information, please visit the NMLS Consumer Access page: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org.