Our program is 100% agent-centric. We are not equipping you to land business with a CPA, or a financial planner. This program will prepare you to protect your current agent relationships as well as develop new ones with productive agents. Take the tour of this site, then book a session with us as we ask you several probing questions about the obstacles to your success. We will help pave the way.

Build Your Team of Agents

Historically, an LO safely needs 7-10 productive agents to close $1,000,000 in loans per month, provided the mortgage amount is about $200,000 per loan. Of course the challenge is most “productive agents” already have some type of relationship with an existing LO and that LO is not just going to back down. The other LOs will fight to retain those relationships.

Mortgage products generally do not sway an agent to shift their loyalty or their mortgage referrals.

It must be something about you. It is not your brand. It is not your mortgage products. It is you adding value in areas that are agent-centric, not focused on your mortgage ability.

Nor is it your credit card paying for agent leads. You are not an agent’s “Sugar Daddy” whipping out your credit card only to discover that is not how to build a relationship or loyalty. Nor can you give agents listing or buyer high-quality leads, it is not sustainable.
You must add value in order receive referrals.

Rethinking The Agent Sitdown

The reason many LOs do not get business from agents is “The LO pulls of the path of pursuit, and chases a different agent.” Unfortunatly, after only one interaction, the LO thinks, this is not working, she is not interested in me, I will pursue another agent.

Relationships are a process.


Because the creators of this program are Realtors, we understand what creates an interest for them. We have developed over 12 different types of interactive events that an LO can do to build those agent relationships. Keep in mind, if what you are presently doing, is just a service like paying for Zillow leads, or printing their brochures, but it is not interactive, you are probably not on the path to win their hearts.


Every time you conduct an “agent sit-down” or an interaction you are building on a new relationship, or enhancing an existing one. There is a phrase, “Ingore your agents, they will go away.” Agents need an “at-a-boy” (or at-a-girl) every so often. That is what we designed for your Wednesday. Agents need advanced training in key areas such as building inspections, or price reductions. That is what we designed for your workshops. Agents need to do far better at holding open houses. That is what we designed for your Friday. Listing agents are often wondering, “is the LO not going to make loan commitment date?” That is why we put together a program for you on Thursday – to have a meaningful exchange with listing agents that produces a “sit-down” for you.


It is often a challenge to get you and the agent to have time to drive to Starbucks, get a quiet table, have a meeting, and then drive back to the office. While face to face is ideal, we have created a powerful ONLINE presentation. Hang on, none of it is about you! It is 100% designed to find out the challenges the agents are facing. The questions based presentation is about discovery of what agents need from the Mega Producer, the Mid-Level and the Moderate producer.

And here is the key. Then you invite them to the next step. A workshop that is online or possibly in person. We have these dynamic workshops ready for you. We have the email invitation for you to send the agents.

Whether it be a face to face, or a workshop conference call, or an office workshop, or an online presentation, or cold call survey you do of agents, or interacting with listing agents to get sit-downs, or popping by on Sunday open houses (or Tuesday) – we have your whole system in place.

The Coaching Program

We will identify your “roadblocks, blind spots, and areas of personal growth that will serve you as you achieve the next economic level in your life.”

Frequency of Coaching

  • Depending on the program you select, you will receive 2, 4, or 6 monthly sessions with your coach / strategist.
  • In order to have effective change, improved habits, and build your Dream Team of agents, the program is 4 months / renews monthly after.


  • You will be prominently displayed each time an agent you have “Locked In” produces a HomeZoop report for their buyer or seller.
  • Agent and Buyers will be able to see your HomeZoop Profile page that “personalizes you”.
  • Each time an agent creates a HomeZoop report for their buyer or seller : you will receive notification regarding the price point of that client.

Build Your Dream Team

  • Our program will also equip you with what to say when meeting with the Mega-Producer Agent, Mid-Level and Moderate.
  • Follow-up is key to building relationships, our custom emails will create the positive responses you desire from agent.
  • You will receive a strategic daily program, Monday through Friday, by just investing 15-30 minutes each day, proven to equip loan officers to create agent sit-downs (all of training is online and ready to be a resource to equip you for the agent conversations ahead).

Potential Dream Team Agents

  • You will be able to approach agents at any production level as our systems recognize the needs of agents are different success levels.
  • Our training will equip you to run 15-30 minute agent workshops to enhance your relationships.
  • If you desire, we will prepare you to meet with real estate office sales managers. You will be able to participate in the Tuesday office sales meeting and cast sales concepts for brokers.


  • We will evaluate your current team of agents to determine if they have been / or are presently being loyal to you.
  • We will help you gain insight on specific agents in your marketplace, those that may be a match for your Dream Team.
  • We will evaluate the effectiveness of your current approach and sit-down, the “value of your offer”, why agents may not be receptive as you approach the Mega, Mid-Level, and Moderate agents.


  • Scorecard to track your progress.
  • Long and short range goal setting applications.
  • Proven programs for meeting Mega-Agents.
  • Access to the LO and AGENT resource library.

Preview of the first few sessions

Session 1

We hit the ground running by evaluating the production level of your current referral agents. Through MLS records, we will identify the agents production numbers:

Current Agents

  • Last 12 months buyer closings units and volume
  • Through the tax records verify which mortgage companies those agents / their buyers used to close those transactions
  • Current listings the agents have to determine if you are working with their sellers that are now buyers

Potential Dream Team Agents

  • How many more agents you need
  • Who you believe is a potential agent for your team
  • Are they capable of creating at least 5 closings based on MLS stats

Before we begin the journey of building your DREAM TEAM, we need to know who is on your current team, and identify potential players. We have often found that the LO has not clearly identified “how many, who is needed, and how to meet them.” We will accomplish that very quickly.

Session 2

We will review / evaluate how you currently handle your first approach of agents. Is it all about you? Are you great at asking key questions of agents. Or does it feel to them, that you are only looking for loans?

 We will be listening for your objective response from you, do agents feel you care about their challenges, do they feel you can really help them with their obstacles, or “are you the type of LO that says….gimme a try…I won’t disappoint you….I will take care of your clients.” Agents are bombarded daily by LOs saying they have great loan programs for agent’s buyers. LOs are not in short supply. LOs with ideas on how to help agents earn more money, are rare.

Your Follow-up With Agents

We are determining if your message is “all about you and your greatness” or if your message is clear that you are interested in what challenges the agents, what are their obstacles and how to overcome them.

This is so much more that rates, and mortgage programs, building a loyal DREAM TEAM of agents is about “making emotional deposits into the lives of those that refer you loans so that you can have better vacations, newer cars, money to fund things important to you.”

We will immediately begin your time-blocking exercises called AGENT MOMENTS, which are times you set aside 15-30 minutes daily to contact agents in which they will PING YOU BACK. Thus the enhancement of the relationship.

Session 3 and Onward

We address the outcomes of your efforts. We are experts at equipping you to build meaningful, loyal relationships with agents. Our systems are designed by agents for agents, in order to equip loan officers.

Weekly Game-plan to keep you productive throughout the week



Ideally each Monday you can time-block 15-30 minutes for your AGENT MOMENTS. This day is called MONDAY THANK YOUs.
We have already templated emails that you can send to agents for recent closings, recent referrals received, recent loan commitments. These are times to make emotional deposits.

It is important to remember, no one fell in love with their LO in a day! Be patient, be consistent, love, loyalty will grow.

Each day, by simply time-blocking 15-30 minutes, we can help you build your DREAM TEAM of productive agents.


We call this Cold Call Tuesday. Once again, we equip you with a “quick set of questions” to cold call 5-10 agents. Someone in this group will say YES to a sit down with you. We will also equip you with the follow-up email that will solidfy your meeting or sell the idea to meet with you.

Remember the goal, stop meeting with two agents every week. Do this program for a short season, build your DREAM TEAM, hit your income goal, and if you desire, coast for a while. Enjoy the view from your new income level. But don’t rest til your hit achieve your goal. We will equip you for Cold Call Tuesday and all of it’s components.


Accolades Wednesday, again just 15-30 minutes of reaching out to agents you know and those you want to build a friendship / relationship with. Our ideas will get you PINGED BACK by the agents which will create sit-downs. All that is required is your discipline, your consistency, your passion to accomplish your goal.


Listing Agent Appreciation Day. The listing agent is about the easiest YES to accomplish a sit-down with. Our messaging delivered by you will get you meetings. It is rare that loan officers know how to serve the listing agents when involved in a pending transaction.


Yes it the end of the week for most LOs. Can you give one more day? Today, go to the open house list. It will generally show you 100’s of open houses being held by agents this weekend. Give two hours this weekend to your goals. It will be worth it. The sooner you meet with agents, that you work the program, the sooner you can stop prospecting! Everything worthwhile is challenging, everything worthwhile is harder than it looks, yet you will see, it was all worth it.


Relax. Reflect on your accomplishments. You are growing. You are making progress. Celebrate the fact. 


If you choose to do OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, it means you are on the fast track to building your DREAM TEAM. There is nothing faster that you can do to setting sit-downs with agents, than going to meet them at their open house on Sunday.

Most LOs won’t do it. Most will stay at home and watch the game. If you, if only for a short season of your life, will go to open houses on Sunday, will rapibly build your agent base. And by doing this, will be able to stop pursuing more agents. Sunday is your fastest track. Yes, this day will require more than 15 minutes. It is also the only face to face opportunty you have to meet an agent with no appointment.

Life Changing Experience

Invest In Yourself

Our systems, and our coaches, our mentors are ready to equip you with the words, the emails, the interactions the follow-ups, the encouragement to support you. We are only in your life for a season, and it is our hope that your investment of time and investment of a reasonable fee, will equip you for a lifetime of referrals.

Now is not the time, I don’t have the money. That is fear based. Now is not the time is not about finances, but rather uncertainty. Not if our program will work, but if you will commit to it. Too many people in life will not commit, for fear of failing again. Let now, be your commitment to the life you want to live.

Now is not the time, I am too busy. That is often what a person says that has not invested in a system to delegate. That often takes on too much at one time. Or a person that is working on to many priorities, yet not on the ONE THING that will make all the difference.

Investing in a college education, hiring personal trainers, paying for advanced schooling, are all demonstrations in a person’s life of a desire to grow. If we are not a match for you, we understand. It would be our encouragement to you to invest in “some program”, a program that has one focus, to build your DREAM TEAM of referral partners, so that you can live life to it’s fullest.

Coaching is an investment in you. Are you ready for the next step?

Monthly Coaching

Receive everything on this page. Choose your sessions below!

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