Team FSBO!


Call Pitch (Rough Draft):

Hi Name!

This is Pete Hays, I’m in the mortgage industry and I’m not a realtor…

We pre-approve buyers and they cannot find a home…

WE actually have a pool of buyers and I don’t get a commission when I sell a house unless I can find a fit and do their mortgage…

Are you in the Xpurchase price range?

Now is that a 4 bedroom?

So what I’d like to do so I can tell my buyer about your property, ask about kitchen and timetable…. If I have a buyer, is the property going to be available to close in the next couple of months?

(The tell lets us know if they are going to be a fit?  Bought a house, building, already moved to Florida, divorced, whatever…)

When we do a transaction for a buyer like this, bc there are no realtors involved…. The property generally has to appraise and the financing…. Can I ask, did you price the property based on Zillow orrrr…. Did you have an appraiser come out??

My cousin is a realtor, we know the area, there is some flexibility in the price without a realtor….

Few additional questions to pre-screen….


  • Where in a fairly decent market, I’d like to tell my buyer about this property.  Have you had any offer on the property?  (Yes, no, working one right now, coming for a second look…. )
  • Last part, Mrs Johnson, additional service to our buyers is that we do a fly/cruise through….   I pass the info along to a VP who handles the full portfolio to see if we have a fit since we are such a large company….  (Who are you with?)
  • Often times, my buyers will say Pete!  Have you seen the property?  They love me for finding them a private sale…. Since I saved them money on a private sale….  No agent involve…. Work my name in the proper place….
  • Just out of curiosity, have you heard from other mortgage companies asking the same things?  I ask because there is a shortage of housing inventory….
  • Have you already put your next house under contract?


Wrap up Call, go or no go?  

At first, book it for practice…. 

Would it be okay if I email you my contact information?

To reiterate, we looking for private sales for our pool of buyers….   

Walk-in, do you have a flyer?  Can you give me a quick tour….  

I specialize in working with our pool of buyer’s who are searching for off-market property. 

When is a good time to see your property for us to see if we have a fit….

Let me get your email so I can send out my contact and confirmation…. 

Alright, we’re all set for xDay @ xTime.  Keep an eye on your email for my confirmation and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Have a good one!

Sugar Tab for answers:
Man Women
Married, single
Purchased another property
Still looking

How did they determine the value?  HELOC, 

WorkFlow – Date Created>TimeStamp Call One…>Notes

Voicemail – Set YourSelf Apart – This a Pete.  I am with a mortgage company, you’ve probably heard from 10 mortgage companies already…?  Don’t list houses or get paid.  We have a portfolio of buyers.  I actually have a couple of quick question about the features of the property.  Again, I’m not looking for commissions, just looking to see if we have a buyer that’s a fit.

We’ve got preapproved buyers, I’m surprised you haven’t heard about this before…. Have you guys already put a house under contract?

  • 1 – Insight section: buyer is preapproved without conditions
  • 2 – Happy to review PAL
  • 3 – Conventional vs FHA vs VA
  • 4 – Goal: I only want my buyer to work with Pete


Appointment Confirmation Email Template (Rough Draft):

: Home Tour Confirmation w/ Pete Hays


Hi Name!

It was great speaking with you and I’m looking forward to touring your property on xDate @ xTime.

??>Confirmation Email URL<??

I’m not a realtor, I’m a lender with a pool of buyers and TOGETHER we’ll find a fit!

See you soon,


Follow Up Email Template (Rough Draft):

Subject: Home Tour Follow Up | Seller Tool Kit


Name, Thanks again for your property tour.  I have already reached out to several industry professionals to find a fit.  It shouldn’t take long with that “xFactor/Best Feature” which sets your property apart from the others!

Click this link to hear more: >Recording Link<Recording verbiage (Rough Draft):


  • Speak to VP bc of our huge portfolio..
  • My buyer and lenders are often the problem child in the transaction where the buyer has been PAL’d with a bunch of subject to….
  • Go to for more information on what to look for….
  • The best thing is that there is no commission when we find a fit…. Off-market inventory….
  • Friend for life, imagine your mortgage guy finding your home without paying any commission.
  • I am confident that my closing costs are competitive and service is second to none….

“Hi, Pete Hays here…. It was great meeting with you and thanks again for the opportunity to view your home.

Gershman Mortgage is a trusted name throughout the real estate industry.  Established in 1955, we have assisted over 280,000 homeowners to achieve their dreams.  We’re not realtors, we mortgage professionals who share the passion of bringing home sellers and home buyers together!

So trust that my 20 years of industry experience is here at your disposal, my door is always open and I’ll be in contact until we’ve achieved your goals!”

Lastly, here’s a link to the seller’s tool kit I promised: >Seller’s Tool Kit/Flyer URL<

  • Blank Contract
  • Photographer Referral(s)
  • “The Process” – Contract, EMD, Appraisal, Underwriting, Loan Commitment, Closing Disclosure, Closing, Funding
  • Do’s & Don’ts – Muni inspection, contract contingency, pest inspection, open houses, need more…
Yours truly,
Notes from 8-9-19 Call:

We’re not realtor’s!


Link – Tour property – 2 kinds of buyers “want to” and “have to” (Pay more)….
  • Sold home?  Don’t have to sell
  • Already sold – have to = pay more and are more respectful during
  • Inspections
  • Don’t lean in….

Advise on what to look for from a buyer (Softly):

  • Rarely close on time
  • Loan Commitment
  • Pre-Approval


Tour=10 minutes > Kitchen Table=10-15 minutes:

  • Take some notes
  • Share with agents and lo’s in the office
  • ??Offering agents 2.00%?? (Do they catch that it’s not 2.7%)
  • Not paying fees – Stage 1 of reality
  • MNA – Mortgage Needs
  • AnalysisAcquired next house and relocated?
  • No = door open
  • Yes = door


Tour 2.0 :
  • Main first>Second Second>Basement Last>Come out of basement already in the kitchen then to table for the sit-down…
  • Women only – head start or go first….


During SitDown – (I can help you out…)
  • got a brochure/photos?
  • Sale contract?
  • Muni that requires building inspection?  Do it now –
  • Would accept a contract with a closing contingency?
  • as-is
  • determine rationalization
Thank you follow up Email:
 – Recording by Pete – Reiterate, not RE agent, sell Gershman, nicer house than I thought,


  • Contract – Highlight: EMD figure 1%, Rate high = Riskier, Financing contingency,
  • Leave Behind – NO GERSHMAN STUFF
  • URLs:
  • Confirmation Email URL
  • Follow up: Sell Gershman, recordings, verbal

2 interactions before an ask…

We’re not Realtors, We’re a lender with a pool of buyers and WE’RE BOTH searching for a fit!

Bryan = Safeguard Program > Relocation Company…. .5% SellerSide / 2.7%