Listing Contract Instructions


by Artist Name

You will receive the Listing and Seller or Sellers info with an email from the manager.
Question…is it a condo ….what is the price…is the contract term any different than the normal 120 days…who is the seller / what if it is in a trust / poa situation / divorce / etc…sample contract?
For Listings that are Condos you will need a Condo Supplement to Listing Contract and a Listing Contract
You will be sharing these documents when sending the listing agreement. The Listing Agreement / Condo Supplement (if condo) / Lead Based Paint
1 Go to and click Sign In located at the top right of the screen and enter your sign in information (email and password).
2 From the main dotloop screen locate the specific property you are working on, click on the address in the box for this property and under the Documents section scroll down until you see Listing Contract – Fox. Click on Listing Contract – Fox to open document.
3 You will now be filling in the fields for the Listing Contract.
4 On the top right of the document, you will put the Listing Date. Which would be current day of creating the Listing Contract (Unless instructed otherwise).
5 On Line 1 place the Seller(s) First and Last Name or Name of Trust or Name of LLC., place the Municipality and County onto Line 2 (both can be verified from the Tax Record)
6 Place the Home’s address onto Line 3, place List Price onto Line 5 (line 7??)
7 Expiration Date into box on Line 16 for the (hereinafter the “termination date”) Lines 14 and 15??
8 If it is a Agents Listing, place their First and Last Name on Line 166. (If no agent use Bryan Kelsey which should already be in this field)
9 There are three spaces on line 171. (first space is Bryan Kelsey, Second is ? and leave third blank)
10 Line 180 – Assign Seller(s) Signature(s) by clicking on the SIGN HERE button and choosing Assign Field from the drop down window and then the correct Name from the drop down that appears in the upper left part of the window. Do this for both SIGN HERE buttons if their is more than one seller (spouse, for example).
11 Place Sellers First and Last Name in text box on Line 182, place Sellers Email in text box on Line 188, place Seller’s phone # on Line 190, click on SIGN HERE (Line 192) and assign Bryan Kelsey.
12 In top right of window click Save. DO NOT SHARE.