Lead Based Paint Disclosure


by Artist Name

Go to dotloop.com and click Sign In located at the top right of the screen and enter your sign in information (email and password) in window that opens.
From the main dotloop screen that opens once you sign in, locate the specific property you are working on, click on the address in the box for this property and under the Documents section scroll down until you see 2049 – Disclosure of Info. Lead Based Paint. Click on 2049 – Disclosure of Info. Lead Based Paint to open document.
Leave spaces on Line 1 blank. This will be used by the buyer’s agent later.
On Line 2 type in the address of the property.
Check Realist Tax Record in MLS for the Year Built on the property. Choose correct checkbox on Line 12 or 13, depending on year built
Check the box on Line 23
On Line 33 enter Bryan’s Initials (BK).
On Line 38 click on SIGN HERE button and select Assign Field, from the toolbar that appears at the top of the window click in the Assign to Anyone field and select the apprioprate name. Do the same for the second SIGN HERE button if their are two seller names (for example, the spouse) Enter the seller’s printed name(s) on line 40.
Enter Bryan’s Signature on Line 46. Enter in “Bryan Kelsey” on Line 48 in the Listing agent Print Name field.
Click Save, DO NOT SHARE.
You will be sharing the seller’s disclosure when you receive the signatures for the lead based paint document.