Most brokerages offer a buffet of lead generation systems. However, for the newer or part-time agent, it can lead to inefficiency, low productivity, and exiting the business when having achieved 0-5 sales. 

 Agents on teams are often twice as productive than those going at it alone. Leadership, experience, guidance, and shared duties create a succesful environment. 

Cort Schneider’s effective programs

Social Media

While you have limited time, your efforts must be effective. There are many basic recommendations about “self promotion”, however most are simply tension relieving, and are not actually achieving your goals. 

The mastery program equips the Sales Associate with an abundance of personal referrals for themselves and referrals to the firm’s Sales Executives. 

Producing Farms

The goal of every agent is to create pipelines. The pipelines should generate leads throughout the year. Effective geographic farming is key to longevity. Are you ready to dominate a market?

Open Houses

Again, this salesperson has a limited time each week in the real estate industry. Open houses can net this person new fresh leads each week. An “effective open house” depends on 7 factors. This program is highly productive at generating and converting opportunity into clients that purchase.

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Are you ready? I am looking for 3 individuals looking to increase their productivity, and willing to join a team and enjoy it’s benefits. if you enjoy paperwork and troubleshooting, stay the course where you are. If you desire to delegate in order to have more free time and increased income, join a team. Even it is not my team, interview Team Leaders and make the wise move.