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Call Script

Hello _________, (how are you today?)

This is Gina….
I am a national sales director with Fox Financial Realty, quick reason for the call to you,
Oh…do you have just a minute or two….?
We have found most agents in our industry have a challenge building a lead pipeline….and end of leaving the business after about a year or so….
Having spent more money on classes and marketing than they ever earned………


Can I ask you this? Would you consider yourself ……a full time……or a part time agent?
(they answer)

( ask them something about what they just shared)

Hmmm….at that satisfying or are you hoping for a bit more…
Bob…….when you do a transaction…do you do all the paperwork or does the broke do that for you?
Qualified leads are sometimes hard to come by, is the broker giving them to you or are you having to cultivate those?


Thanks for sharing.
I was wondering, and this is the purpose of my call, would you have time …right now…sitting in front of your computer…I would love to cast the vision of what it looks like to produce 2-4k monthly…….

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Sending an Email with A Hubspot Template

Setting an Appointment in 10to8

  1. Choose the time of the appointment.
  2. Enter the client’s name and your code.
  3. Enter the client’s email address.
  4. Click the check box and choose book.

Link to booking site: https://10to8.com/book/snzlkp-free/