You Will be Right on Target – If Your Aim is True

Imagine there is a training program for Loan Officers designed to effectively build loyal relationships with REALTORS. And the key to the program being effective is it is created by REALTORS. Agents will say to you, “This is how to get my leads and my loyalty!” No more guesswork.

We live in a culture that has Loan Officers chasing REALTORS. Much like the bestselling book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Many LOs are from Mars, while agents are from Venus. The effective way to build loyalty and in the process eliminate your other Mars competitors is HomeZoop.

Building Your Dream Team of Agents

Historically, an LO safely needs 7-10 productive agents to close $1,000,000 in loans per month, provided the mortgage amount is about $200,000 per loan. Of course the challenge is most “productive agents” already have some type of relationship with an existing LO and that LO is not just going to back down. The other LOs will fight to retain those relationships.

To build a relationship, should you use your language, the things that you are interested in, or their language? What is the language, or the desire of the 3-levles of agents? .

Mortgage products generally do not sway an agent to shift their loyalty or their mortgage referrals.

Nor is it your credit card paying for agent leads. You are not an agent’s “Sugar Daddy” whipping out your credit card only to discover that is not how to build a relationship or loyalty. Nor can you give agents listing or buyer high-quality leads, it is not sustainable.

It must be something about you. It is not your brand. It is not your mortgage products. It is you adding value in areas that are agent-centric, not focused on your mortgage ability.

You must add value in order receive referrals.



If you choose to do OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, it means you are on the fast track to building your DREAM TEAM. There is nothing faster that you can do to setting sit-downs with agents, than going to meet them at their open house on Sunday. Your coach will supply you with the list of open houses in your area.
Most LOs won’t do it. Most will stay at home and watch the game. If you, if only for a short season of your life, will go to open houses on Sunday, will rapidly build your agent base. And by doing this, will be able to stop pursuing more agents. Sunday is your fastest track. Yes, this day will require more than 15 minutes. It is also the only face to face opportunity you have to meet an agent with no appointment.


Ideally each Monday you can time-block 15-30 minutes for your AGENT MOMENTS. This day is called MONDAY THANK YOUs. The goal is to build habits.

We have already template emails that you can send to agents that you met at recent open houses or for recent closings, recent referrals received, recent loan commitments. These are times to make emotional deposits.

It is important to remember, no one fell in love with their LO in a day! Be patient, be consistent, love, loyalty will grow.

Each day, by simply time-blocking 15-30 minutes, we can help you build your DREAM TEAM of productive agents.


We call this Cold Call Tuesday. Once again, your coach will equip you with a “quick set of questions” to cold call 5-10 agents. Someone in this group will say YES to a sit down with you. We will also equip you with the follow-up email that will solidify your meeting or sell the idea to meet with you.

Remember the goal, stop meeting with two agents every week. Do this program for a short season, build your DREAM TEAM, hit your income goal, and if you desire, coast for a while. Enjoy the view from your new income level. But don’t rest til your hit achieve your goal. Your coach will help oversee your portfolio oaf agents. We will equip you for Cold Call Tuesday and all of it’s components.


Accolades Wednesday, again just 15-30 minutes of reaching out to agents you know and those you want to build a friendship / relationship with. Our ideas your coach will share with you work! You will get you PINGED BACK by the agents which will create sit-downs. All that is required is your discipline, your consistency, your passion to accomplish your goal.


Listing Agent Appreciation Day. The listing agent is about the easiest YES to accomplish a sit-down with. Our messaging delivered by you will get you meetings.

Your coach will be helping as a Portfolio Manager. Our goal is to have you build your Dream Team in 120 days, that will lead to $1,000,000 per month in purchase (not refi) transactions.


Yes it the end of the week for most LOs. Can you give one more day? Today, go to the open house list. It will generally show you 100’s of open houses being held by agents this weekend. Give two hours this weekend to your goals. It will be worth it. The sooner you meet with agents, that you work the program, the sooner you can stop prospecting! Everything worthwhile is challenging, everything worthwhile is harder than it looks, yet you will see, it was all worth it.

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Introduce yourself to buyers and real estate agents through a personalized profile page with custom audio.  Let agents get to know who are not only as a loan officer, but as a person with interests and expertise using the HomeZoop report.

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Let real estate agents know how you can help with their business through workshops…

Experts At Connecting LOs With Agents Because We Are Agents

Nothing is theory. All of our systems are original content developed for LOs by Mega-Agents. We serve the LO in agent relationships at the highest level, the mid-level producer as well as the newbie agent with potential. Find out from the source what agents want and need in lead generation, lead conversion, transaction management and team building. Be a part of the solution!

The Instant Formula for Access to Agents

“Agents won’t take meetings with me.” “I can get first sit downs, I just can’t get referrals.” These are frequent comments stated by LOs across the nation. Get equipped to have meaningful agent sit-downs that create the referral pipelines. Learn what motivates the most productive agents. It’s not your loan processing – it’s your business partnering. It’s your move!

This Is What You Have Waiting For – LOs are from Mars – Agents are from Venus

There are mortgage coaching companies teaching “the mind of the agent.” If you want to know how to work effectively with a “Key Agent Portfolio” that produces volume beyond your expectations find out directly from industry leaders that are agents.