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Home Tour Follow Up 

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Thanks again for your property tour.  I will also share your property information with other lenders that have a pool of buyers. I would encourage you to reach out to other large firms in our area.
need a link recap
?????????? not sure what this is/let’s chat on the next call about this
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Recording verbiage (Rough Draft) – NEED YOUR INPUT:
“Hi, Pete Hays here…. It was great meeting with you and thanks again for the opportunity to view your home.
Gershman Mortgage is a trusted name throughout the real estate industry. We’re not realtors, we mortgage professionals who share the passion of bringing home sellers and home buyers together!
Trust that my 20 years of industry experience is here at your disposal, my door is always open and I’ll be in contact until we’ve achieved your goals!
Get a leg up on your competition by clicking the link below!”
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