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You Want The Secret To Win More Listings Right? It’s Free!

Welcome to your demonstration of your Homezoop Pricing Presentation!

The easiest yet most powerful presentation to win more properly priced listings

It’s not about the software, nor the data! It’s about how the seller reacts to your presentation. 

Our goal is to equip you, the Realtor to obtain properly priced listings when competing with other agents and when the Realtor faces sellers that are not objective about their asking price.



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What is at stake, if you don’t get the listing? Or you do get it, but at the wrong price?

If another agent gets the listing, they get the seller when they become the buyer. They also get the lifetime of referrals. The #1 hiring criteria for homesellers “is can you demonstrate your knowledge for the area and their asking price.” 

“I could not get an overly needed price reduction until I reviewed the Homezoop workshop. The next day I got a 25k price drop and we sold in 3 days after that.” 

Robert, KW

“I had lost 3 listings in a row during the listing interview. It was so painful to get turned down. Thank you HZ for the amazing free program. I have won 8 out of my 10 interviews. Your strategy made all the difference.”

Bethany, CB

Why is HomeZoop So Effective?

Imagine some of the highest producing agents in the USA putting together an easy to use “Pricing Presenation.” That combined with some pschology, and you have the best possible listing/pricing presentation.

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“Nothing is more important in a real estate agent’s career than the mastery of pricing and persuasion.”

Bryan Kelsey

Founder, HomeZoop

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