Every Producing Realtor Has a Loan Officer Relationship.

This is a game of take away.

70% of Loan Officer business is created first by a Real Estate Agent

Experts At Connecting LOs With Agents Because We Are Agents

Nothing is theory. All of our systems are original content developed for LOs by Mega-Agents. We serve the LO in agent relationships at the highest level, the mid-level producer as well as the newbie agent with potential.  Find out from the source what agents want and need in lead generation, lead conversion, transaction management and team building. Be a part of the solution!

The Instant Formula for Access to Agents

“Agents won’t take meetings with me.” “I can get first sit downs, I just can’t get referrals.” These are frequent comments stated by LOs across the nation. Get equipped to have meaningful agent sit-downs that create the referral pipelines. Learn what motivates the most productive agents. It’s not your loan processing – it’s your business partnering. It’s your move!

This Is What You Have Waiting For – LOs are from Mars – Agents are from Venus

There are mortgage coaching companies teaching “the mind of the agent.” If you want to know how to work effectively with a “Key Agent Portfolio” that produces volume beyond your expectations find out directly from industry leaders that are agents.

Are you tired of buyers asking you, “Hey, what’s your rate?” We can equip you to have a different level of conversation with buyers.

Agents constantly help buyers with their home selection, but also positive or negative trends in the market. Clearly, agents represent 50-60-70% of a loan officer’s purchase business, would you like to be equipped to speak with agents regarding one of their most important activities?

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Breakthroughs are the results of awareness, improvements and execution.

Imagine coaching for Loan Officers designed by Realtors. Learn how to effectively communicate with Realtors, and earn their referral business and undying loyalty.

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