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No Price Reduction yet?

Ideally when an agent takes a listing, they inform the seller of these factors


If we have 5-7 showings, we should have an offer.


Those buyers represent what is called "pent-up-demand."


Ideally we have those 5-7 showings in the first 10 days.


Low foot traffic and no offers, the "buyers made their vote."

If you set those expectations during the listing interview, 9 times out of 10 the seller is in what is called “The Ready Stage.” This means by day 10 they are receptive, they are ready for a price shift. In the absence of you setting these expectations, the seller may be quite a bit more reluctant to reduce the price.

What Do I Do Next? Obtain Your Price Reduction Using HomeZoop!

Look at column H and I in your HomeZoop property report. It will provide you insight as to the frequency of price shifts for both the ACTIVES competing with you and the UNDER CONTRACT properties.

Possibly Email Your Client this note:

We are at day 21. By now I would have anticipated an offer. Please look at the attached report. It shows that 5 of the 11 (or whatever is on your report) other properties for sale have had a price shift. Plus it is interesting to note that once a price shift occurred, those properties went under contract in about 12 days.

Would you be available for 5-10 minutes on Thursday to do a Market Recap? I have a strategy to review with you that should positively affect the showings and create an offer.



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