There must be a better way to get referrals from “those stupid, good-for-nothing agents.”

There seems to be a “love-hate relationship” with the lender and agent. It is important to know how you finish this statement, “REALTORS are ________________.” Before you read on, how would you finish that statement?

Harsh but true, in our survey, 6 out of 10 lenders have said, “REALTORS are stupid, not loyal, ass-xxxxx, obnoxious, interesting, good-for-nothing, annoying” and many other words that in polite company cannot be stated.

Yet, not one loan officer in our survey said, “REALTORS are….my sales force.” They are responsible for but not credited, for providing income for your house payment, your child’s tuition. REALTORS are major contributors to the quality of your life, the funds to purchase your next new car, a glamorous vacation, your investments.


Certainly, it was not on the Federal test for lenders. There was no question, “What is a REALTOR?” It is taught in the culture of the company of the loan officer. It is learned behavior.

It is a response from a person that in their own difficulty to secure a relationship, lashes out at the one they pursue. Because in part, most of their attempts to build a referral-based relationship are met with the words, “No thanks.” Thus, the agent is often vilified, made fun of, by the very people that can provide the LO with abundant living.

Being a Loan Officers is a game of takeaway

It is fitting to reference the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” That describes the frustration of the lender that cannot build a sustaining relationship with a group of agents to become long-term referral partners. LOs are indeed from Mars. Agents are from Venus.

I represent 1,300,000 people from Venus. I am REALTOR. If given the opportunity to meet with a $40,000,000 producer tomorrow at 10 am, what dynamic unique thing would you talk about? Jumbo loans? In this game of takeaway, a loan officer must be able to provide “insight and strategy to the agents” not a credit card or checkbook or ANY loan program. Mars loves to talk about loan programs, Venus does not.

“If you don’t add significant value to the agent, bring your checkbook to the meeting.”

In what way, do you truly add value in any of the key areas that a $7,000,000 producing agent deals with? Don’t say “I am a great lender, or you pay for Zillow leads.” Yes Mars, you are a great lender. And there are 100’s more.

You want the business from Venus? You really want our loyalty? Learn to solve or equip us in our greatest challenges. From the Newbie agent to the Mega Producer. We are after all, “your sales force,” in that we often produce 40-70% of your income per month.

This program we are about to discuss, THE EQUIPPER is designed to have one outcome, build your Dream Team of Agents. It won’t be easy, because most of the agents from Venus have a relationship with someone from Mars. But they are vulnerable.

“The Equipper”- Building Your Dream Team of Agents

Right now, in your market, approximately 1.7% of the REALTORS close 20 or more buyer-controlled transactions. Yet there is often 100’s or over 1000 loan officers.

“If you want change, be the one that does it.”

In your effort to close $1,000,000 more per month, it will require personal growth on your part. Not the agents. It will require that you don’t host agent workshops, rather that you lead them. You want to take away referrals from other loan officers? It will require personal growth.

The program we are presenting will equip you with how to approach agents at all production levels, what to say when you are interacting, how to follow up with them, and more importantly, how to add value to them at their income levels so that you become their referral partners.

Of course, the challenge is that most “productive agents” already have some type of relationship with an existing LO and that LO is not just going to back down. The other LOs will fight to retain those relationships.

We are confident that we can help you build a team of 10 agent referral partners.

If you were dedicated, committed to a plan, could you build your Dream Team of ideal referral partners in this next season of your life?

Just one new referral partner per month will change your life. Possibly be a pipeline for years. And once the relationship begins, it must be protected from the 100’s of other loan officers that will be knocking on the agent’s door offering Zillow, lunch and a ticket to the game.

Our program, THE EQUIPPER is not just the procurement of an agent relationship, it is protection against the competitor that wants to play takeaway.

What is the one thing you need to get 50 more loans this year?

Get More Agent Sit-Downs

Will Venus not return your voicemails? We equip the Loan Officer with actual products, systems, and tools agent use to increase their productivity and daily efficiencies, so they want to take your meetings. Learn how to meet, converse with, and land a new referral partner. You have always wanted something different! This is it!

“Vendors sit on the sidelines waiting for the referral,

Equippers get involved in building their referral partners skill sets.

Which are you?”

Host Agent Workshops

If REALTORS are the loan officers sales force, responsible for 40-70% of the LOs monthly income, “Who is the loan officer?”

Historically, the LO is a vendor. Here to receive a referral. With THE EQUIPPER program, the LO is the “Equipper of the Agent”, helping them improve their skill sets in key areas of communication.

No longer stand in the back of events and pay for lunch, be up front and be the educator. Be the expert in the room.

“Personal productivity, higher income will be in direct proportion to your personal growth.”

Our 30-45 minutes agent workshops are specific to agents at different income levels. The Mid-level agent wants to know, “When should I hire my first buyers agent?” Or, “How do I create a job description for an admin assistant?” The mega agnet wants to know “How do I land another productive pipeline of buyers?” and lastly the entry level agents wants to know “How do I become more effective at an open house?”

If you are a person with limiting beliefs, you are possibly saying, “Agents won’t listen to a loan officer, or that I’m not able to learn the material.”

Our workshops are 95% “question-based.” If you can read a book to a child, you can lead a question-based workshop. Each question leads the agents to participate and provide feedback. Which in turn, leads to the next question.

Each workshop ends with a solution, an idea, or to an “individual sit-down” with the agent and you.

Workshop Topics

• How to hire your first buyer’s agent (Mid-Level agent)

• How to hold an effective open house to convert buyers (Entry level)

• Mastering the building inspection resolution (All levels)

• Getting a price reduction from a reluctant seller (All levels)

• Presenting an employee benefit realty workshop to a corporation (Mega level)

• How to promote and hold a buyer seminar (All levels)

• How to win a listing interview when you are competing (All levels)

• Mastering Social Media (Entry and Mid level)

• Winning the FSBO and Expired listings (Entry and Mid-level)

Showcase Your Brand


One on one sit downs are the times for “meaningful discussions” Most LOs when asked, “if you could meet with a Mega, Mid-level and a Moderate producing agent tomorrow, what would you say?”

Literally the #1 statement is, “I don’t know.”

We are matchmakers, we build Dream Teams and equip you with what to say at the sit-downs that are pertinent to the agent’s production level.

Each conversation needs to have the probability of leading to another conversation. Other LOs are emailing Venus, calling, asking for a sit-down. We must eliminate the competition.

Are you a bit intrigued? Let’s have a conversation. We have questions about your goals, possible obstacles you have and see if you are a candidate for THE EQUIPPER program. It is a mindset shift. It requires personal growth and an investment in time. John Maxwell said, “People don’t have time-management issues, rather they have priority management issues.”

Let’s book a time right now, that is if you believe this program may help you exceed your goals.