Getting The Whole Office or Company Involved

One of the greatest challenges for a real estate company is often “recruiting and retention.” And of course, building a substantial listing portfolio.

Agents are the face of a company, and listings are the lifeblood on the organization. The objective of company training is that all agents at any skill set level can win listings.

We have created a uniform ready-to-go analysis that explains to the seller “the reality of their market.” Thereby your agent prices the home correctly, which not only results in the sale but also longevity for the agent’s career.

Our listing system equips agents to:

  • Win listings in any competitive environment.
  • Price the listings at a reasonable price.
  • Have the sellers have a “coachable mindset.”

Our seller servicing system equips agents to:

  • Know what to say to sellers each week
  • How to obtain timely price reductions with key supporting data
  • Knowing when not to ask for a price reduction

Agent Workshops


•Mastering the building inspection resolution.
•Getting a price reduction from a reluctant seller.
•How to promote and hold a buyer seminar.
•How to win a listing interview when you are competing.
•Getting a price reduction from a reluctant seller.


•How to hold an effective open house to convert buyers.
•Mastering Social Media


•How to hire your first buyer’s agent
•Winning the FSBO and Expired listings


• Presenting an employee benefit realty workshop to a corporation



The workshops incorporate HomeZoop MLS data to be used in every agent application. The LO and your brand is constantly viewed by the agent and their client.


Depending on the timing of your decision, we offer full exclusivity in your region, or semi-exclusivity by zip code. Or a lower fee for our “open market program.”

Additionally, we offer you an Account Executive to provide accountability, guidance and feedback. There is a minimum of 4 months for this part of the program. 888888 for portfolio management…..888888888

The Next Step

Are you a bit intrigued? Let’s have a conversation. We have questions about your goals, possible obstacles you have and see if you are a candidate for THE EQUIPPER program. It is a mindset shift. It requires personal growth and an investment in time. John Maxwell said, “People don’t have time-management issues, rather they have priority management issues.”

Let’s book a time right now, that is if you believe this program may help you exceed your goals.