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At some level 100% of us are in sales. The REALTOR, the Loan Officer, those from title companies, to Home Protection Companies, Inspectors and so on. We sell our clients to choose us. We sell our children on the idea of education. The most important person to sell our ideas is to our ourselves. We are often are own toughest client. So many thoughts are in our heads. Too often telling us “We can’t do it, or it won’t work, I have tried it, they will say no….”

What is getting in the way of living the life you want? 

Each of us have obstacles. That’s life! When we name them, we are on our way to eliminating them.

I found myself getting started full-time in real estate in 1987. I named my OBSTACLE. I had no money, no business background but I remembered what Dennis Waitley said in the Psychology of Winning, “Never major in the minors.” In other words, if you expect to earn $100.00 per hour as a SALESPERSON, don’t do admin work of any kind. Do not do things that pay $15-$25 per hour. It is a bad habit and will take you away from your ONE THING.

Following this plan, I was able to rank as a top 5 agent in the state of Missouri for many years, generally earning over $100,000 per month. There was no great strategy to this plan. I just asked a question of another agent.

In 1987, I asked Ann Franklin, an agent in my office if she would do ALL of my admin work for 15% of my income. I said, “Ann I have no money, but I have potential.”

Ann was great at admin and in my first 2 months I was the top listing agent in the office. Why? I was freed up to do the ONE THING that we SALESPEOPLE are supposed to do. Perfect my lead gen systems.

Is there something you’re lacking?

Is it financial resources? Is it a skill set? Again, each of us must answer that question truthfully and in detail. What is it you lack, that if it you have IT, your game plan will work?

As a new SALESPERSON, I quickly realized that even if I do lead generation, I sucked at the interview stage. After thinking through the question, “What do I lack?”, I realized I had to improve my PRESENTATION SKILLS.

I began to study the ART OF ASKING QUESTIONS. I obtained as much information as I could about how THERAPISTS ask questions.

I thought, “I may be young, inexperienced, and no business background”, but can I make up for it if I ask great questions that separated me from my competitor.

While I had the “company binder” for interviews, it lacked built-in questions that would persuade the client to do business with me. Gary Keller has authored many books. On page 138 of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent he says “Agents in America lack the skill of persuasion.”

No offense to script writers in, but they are often designed to “close close close people.” Often the very script being used, “creates the platform to produce a NO.

At the root of NO, there is a YES.
At the root of YES, there is a question.

Children know this. Have you ever met a child that was not skilled at asking questions? Can I have this, can I have that? Why not? But what if I am good? What if I do my homework? Children produce YESES. They can be very persuasive.

For us as SALEPEOPLE, It is not one question; it is the series of questions that produce YES. And in your life, when you get more YESES, be prepared for the abundance.

If one burden could be removed from your life in the next 30 days, what would it be?

All of these questions have to do with becoming aware of what is blocking your progress. If I were sitting with you, in a quiet room, your mind was open, what is the most weighty BURDEN do you need lifted?

Is it your MINDSET? Our greatest FOE is often our thought. Is there a BURDEN on your mind, or a thought, that you may be repeating? Our FOE can be very distracting, preventing us from fulfillment. From being productive.

Your problem may not be solved yet, but your BURDEN can be lifted.

Are you overbooked? Do you have clients you need to release? Are your systems not effective and you find yourself in firefighting mode far to often?

In 1996, I picked up the book The Emyth. If you will, there is a myth that if we become self-employed, we become entrepreneurs that all will be well in life. At this point of my career I was producing about $18,000,000 in sale volume per year. But in constant FIREFIGHTING mode. It was exhausting.

My BURDEN had been overwhelming. But following the processes in the book, we addressed every one of our processes and became FIRE PREVENTERS, and rarely had to do FIREFIGHTING.

Within 4 years, my production skyrocketed to $40,000,000.
So, what is your BURDEN? How is it preventing you from the fulfillment of the dream you have set before you?

I hope these questions have been helpful. For me, “Questions have always been the answer.” If you would like a Career Coaching session, if you would like clarity as well as strategy click the button below!

Thank you!
Bryan Kelsey

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